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Want to learn more about Dr. Bergman's patients?  Curious about how a veterinary behaviorist helps her clients help their pets?  Read about a few of Dr. Bergman's cases, past and present

 Kodee and Star

Christmas 2009 didn't look like it was going to be so merry for Kodee or Star or their owners, Linda and Rich.  Star had only been in their home for a few days and Kodee had taken such a dislike to her that Linda and Rich feared he could hurt or even kill her....

  December 5th (2010) will be the one year anniversary for getting the puppy. We could not have done it without your help. I am most grateful for your continued support and guidance.

 Linda P. Norristown, PA

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Kodee and Star December 2009






Kodee and Star Fall 2010

Meet Caprice


When Caprice's owner, Lorraine, first contacted Dr. Bergman she and her dog were in dire straits. Caprice had been adopted from a rescue group only 5 months earlier, but it felt like a lifetime. Since she was adopted, Caprice was diagnosed with a serious, but manageable eye condition, and worked up for a possible abdominal mass and areas of hairloss on her tail. But these physical problems paled in comparison to Caprice's behavior on walks.

Caprice started out as a foster dog but was so sweet we decided to adopt. I was told she was other dog aggressive but did not realize how fearful and highly reactive she was when I first brought her home... I turned Dr. Laurie Bergman and SHE MADE HOUSE CALLS! Car rides was another of Caprice's fears.

Before working with Dr. Bergman, I was beginning to feel I was failing with Caprice. Now I have more confidence in myself. We have never used a harsh or physical correction with her. It was very important to me not to over-stimulate her and have her obey out of fear. We will continue working with Dr. Bergman. She has been extremely kind and thoughtful in her approach to desensitize Caprice. Caprice and I look forward to continuing our progress with Dr. Bergman and overcoming her fears.

Lorraine L., Sellersville, PA

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"Just Dougal"

Over the years Lynne had  owned many dogs, both singly and in multiples. She pretty much felt that she "knew" dogs.  As she watched Dougal develop with his litter, some things were noticeable. He often showed signs of unusual vigilance for a young puppy (barking at noises, for instance), but as he was also by far the biggest and tended to be more advanced and adventurous than the others in a lot of ways. If these were warning signs of things to come, she and her husband missed them. They thought it was "just Dougal."

I started immediately on the exercises Dr Bergman had sent home with us. It is no exaggeration to say that by the end of the first evening one of Dougal's worst behaviors - the climbing and gnawing - was over. It disappeared that first night and has not been seen since. No kidding. If there was anyone happier than the family at the resulting peace in the evenings, it was probably Dougal.

Engaging a Veterinary Behaviorist has helped us understand that no matter what we can achieve with Dougal he is, first and foremost, himself... It helped us learn to "read" him, to understand why he did certain things and to avoid situations which would make undesirable behaviors inevitable. It helped us to understand that we can't expect Dougal to manage situations. We have to do that for him. Most importantly, it gave us a "language" with Dougal.

Dougal is now a different dog. He is happy, we are happy and our old dog Cooper, is happy. Is it perfect? No. Does it require work, consistency and dedication? Sure. Do you have to open your mind to some new concepts? Absolutely. Is it worth it? Yes. Yes. YES.

Lynne C. Sellersville, PA

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