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Kodee and Star

Christmas 2009 didn't look like it was going to be so merry for Kodee or Star or their owners, Linda and Rich.  Star had only been in their home for a few days and Kodee had taken such a dislike to her that Linda and Rich feared he could hurt or even kill her.  That's when their veterinarian suggested they contact Dr. Laurie Bergman, a veterinary behaviorist.


 Kodee and Star December 2009

When Dr. Bergman met Kodee and Star, Kodee........

Although it took some time, with Dr. Bergman's help, Linda and Rich were able to help Kodee and Star learn to live together safely, at first, and happily over time.  As Christmas 2010 approaches Linda had this to say about her Kodee and his little "sister":

He and Star play and chase each  other around the yard all the time.  December 5th will be the one year anniversary for getting the puppy. We could not have done it without your help. I am most grateful for your continued support and guidance.

 Linda P. Norristown, PA

Kodee and Star Fall 2010